[~ PO-ee-sis; from Ancient Greek: ποίησις is “the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before” or, to create ~]

Our collective will to start a podcast that intersected our interests with art and community was laid down in 2015, and over the next four years this will became a reality as Poiesis.SocialArt in August 2019. Poiesis is a digital academic archive run by both of us, visual artists & educators, Dania Shahkhan and Maha Minhaj. We archive, curate and write about the practices of local and international socially engaged artists, in the form of visual media and academic podcasts

Instagram Handle: @poiesis.socialart ; Soundcloud Handle: Poiesis.SocialArt

Dania ShahkhanMaha Minhaj


We aim to grow as a resource bank for students, practitioners and researchers.

We also hope to eventually transform this digital space into a tangible platform that enables creators and practitioners to pursue SEA (Socially Engaged Art) in Pakistan and all around the world.