Ian Nesbitt

Ian Nesbitt

Artist: Ian Nesbitt

Ian Nesbitt is an artist, filmmaker and activist, interested in creating spaces for exchange that go beyond the everyday. Spanning interests in landscape politics, walking as an artform, community self-organising (neighbourhoodism), emerging social movements, and documentary film, his practice is openly collaborative, working with artists and non-artists alike.

His projects explore ideas of commonality, working alongside citizens and communities to create spaces for exchange that are beyond the everyday. His work as a filmmaker focuses on exploring identity and community through making work collaboratively, often using chance interactions to open up personal and shared terrains.

He is a founder member of the art, film and community organisations Annexinema, Out.Side.Film, Open Kitchen Social Club and Social Art Network, and co-convened the first Social Art Summit in November 2018 in Sheffield.

Website: Ian Nesbitt

Resource:“Ten Artist’s on What Social Practice Means to Them”